Established in 1992, the Lake County Children’s Council provides education and training to schools, parent groups, community organizations and professional groups about the prevention of child abuse and neglect, both inside and outside of the home. The Council also educates the public and policymakers about child abuse, develops policy and best practices regarding child abuse prevention activities and works to improve the coordination of countywide child abuse prevention services.

Every minute in America a child is reported abused or neglected. One in ten is born affected by drugs. One in five is sexually abused. Half a million children are reported abused in California each year. Every day in California at least one child dies as a result of abuse or neglect. The need for action is now. The cost of prevention is a fraction of the true cost, financially and personally, of abuse and neglect. Let’s go upstream in Lake County and start strengthening our families and protecting our children today.

Children’s Council and the Adverse Childhood Experiences – ACEs

In a nationally sponsored research project, Dr. Anda and Dr. Felleti discovered a strong correlation between childhood abuse and subsequent adult diseases including diabetes, obesity, depression, hepatitis, alcoholism, heart disease, fractures and suicide. For people who experience four or more types of adverse childhood experience, such as child abuse, the likelihood is increased by:

  • 1220% that they will attempt suicide
  • 1030% that they will be injection drug users
  • 740% that they will be alcoholics
  • 220% that they will smoke
  • 160% that they will be severely obese

Abuse Leads to Addiction

  • A male child who has six types of adverse childhood experiences is 4600% more likely to become an injections drug user
  • 78% of drug addiction in women can be attributed to adverse childhood experiences
  • “…the major factor underlying addiction is adverse childhood experiences…”

The Lake County Children’s Council has conducted a local study on ACEs and surveyed the community. Our ACEs scores are high in Lake County, surpassing the state and national averages. The Children’s Council is committed to raising the awareness of ACEs in our community and providing services for the public to address their childhood traumas and promote healing.

Promoting the 5 Protective Factors

The Children’s Council is committed to promoting the Five Protective Factors in our community, to strengthen families and prevent child abuse and neglect.

Protective Factors Poster

The Council’s Projects include:

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4 Ps project

Infant Massage

Teen Parents “On the Go”

Respite Care