Current Projects

Respite Care

Many modern families are busy and at times, overwhelmed with the demands of raising children. The Respite Child Care program, through North Coast Opportunities, provides a short term, licensed child care services for families experiencing extreme stress. Parents are referred through a service provider for the services. For more information, please contact Ana Santana at 707-263-8918 ext 295.


Mother-Wise aspires to be the “next best thing to family” when it comes to support. Some new parents face unimaginable hardships, but our job is straightforward, no matter the details. We strive to support the best possible outcome for all moms, babies, and families in the first year after birth. The Mother-Wise program is a locally designed initiative to provide new mothers with the support they need to increase their attachment to their child. With well trained local volunteers providing in home support, new moms can learn how to feel better and also, where to go for help when they feel overwhelmed. Increasing attachment will benefit mother and child throughout their lives.

For more information, or to train as a Mother-Wise volunteer, please contact Jaclyn Ley at 707-349-1210

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For a new pregnant mother, the health of her baby is uppermost in her mind. To give her child a good start in life, mothers can begin with a healthy diet during pregnancy. Part of staying healthy is to avoid alcohol, drugs and smoking. The 4Ps project can provide support for women in reducing and eliminating substance use during pregnancy. Medical providers can participate by implementing the 4 Ps screening tool in their offices or clinics, make referrals for support services, and provide effective prevention for lifelong health.

To find out more, please contact the Health Leadership Network at

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Teen Parents “On the Go”

The ability to break down transportation barriers ensures that young parents are able to get themselves and their children to health care appointments. The young parents in the Teen Parent Program at Lake Family Resource Center, are requesting help with transportation, because they understand the importance of early prenatal care and well child checkups. By assisting young parents with access to medical, mental health and social services, families can get the help they need to keep themselves and their babies healthy. For more information, please contact Jordan O’Halloran at Lake FRC at 707-279-0563.

Nurturing Touch and Infant Massage

New parents can build a stronger bond with their new infant by learning Nurturing Touch and Infant Massage. The benefits include the ability to tune-in to your baby’s cues and to respond effectively. This can improve sleep for the child, and reduce colic, gas and teething pains. Parents learn calming strategies to lower stress for everyone in the family. This service is free and can take place in your own home. For more information, call Easter Seals at 707-263-3949.

  • Parent groups
  • Individual parents
  • Pregnant parents
  • Pre-crawling infants
  • Infants or toddlers with special needs

Easter Seals Instructors are trained through Foundation for Healthy Family Living.
Made possible by funding through Lake County Children’s Council and First 5 Lake.

Easter Seals provides early child development support and intervention to infants and toddlers (birth to age 3) with developmental disabilities, delays or who are at risk for delay.

Easter Seals in home intervention services include:

  • Early Intervention
  • Child Find Linkages
  • Developmental Screening
  • Transportation Assistance
  • Child Care Consulting
  • Infant Massage Training for Parents

Is your child developing on time?
In the first 5 years of a child’s life, children develop skills, or “milestones” at their own pace.

To see if your child’s development is on schedule complete an Ages & Stages Questionnaire (ASQ-3 tm) a free screening tool available through Easter Seals. ASQ-3 results will help you see if your child’s development is on time and alert you to concerns you can talk over with your health provider.

Easters Seals offers:

  • In-Home Observations
  • Activities
  • Parent Guidance
  • Referral Assistance

Made possible by funding through First 5 Lake.