Snuggle Nest Project

The Snuggle Nest provides comfort and security by keeping your little one out of the “rollover zone” while he or she is sleeping in your bed. The sturdy, protective walls help protect baby from adult bedding. The firm mattress with a wraparound sheet is a safe sleeping surface for your child. The included Light unit features a soft light that lets you check in on your little one without disturbing his or her sleep. The folding design of the Snuggle Nest lets you quickly and easily fold up the bed for easy portability.

  • Creates a separate sleeping space forsnuggle nest
    co-sleeping babies
  • Rigid walls protect your little one against bedding and rollover
  • Folding design for easy portability

It is being offered free to third trimester women and parents of newborns under one month of age that plan to co-sleep, have temporary housing and/or are homeless.  It is easy to set up.  Stop using the Snuggle Nest when infant reaches 4 months of age or starts to get into a crawling position on hands and/or knees.

One can obtain a Snuggle Nest or a redeemable coupon from several local medical providers, First 5 Lake, WIC, Lake Family Resource Center, Healthy Start and Child Welfare Services.  If you wish to obtain further information please contact First 5 Lake at 707-263-6169.